Cheryl Desmidt, MS, LMFT
Individual, Couple & Family Therapy
Adults, Teens & Children

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   "Cheryl possesses a caring, compassionate personality that draws people to her. She uses a gentle touch with walking me toward a solution but letting me figure it out. She offers rapid insight into the heart of a matter, which provides faster results."  ~S. Brady, 2013


   "Cheryl is a great listener
and showed remarkable empathy as she provided me with practical solutions to some problems. Her sensitive and caring spirit set me at ease. I highly recommend Cheryl for any counseling needs you may have."   ~ M. Worthley, 2009

    "Cheryl's talent
is innate. She can take the complicated and make it simple and understandable...a rare gift. Congratulations Cheryl."             ~ H. Santiago, 2013

    "We truly enjoyed our time with Cheryl—she balances a great wit and sense of humor with a sincere approach to helping couples grow their relationships. It’s difficult to imagine taking that journey with any other LMFT. The Prepare/Enrich program allowed us the opportunity to focus on those areas of our relationship that needed attention, and then provided a structured, guided plan that we continue to work on implementing. I think we both were a bit surprised as to how engaged we actually became in the process, and even how much we looked forward to our next session!

    Prepare/Enrich allows you to see each other through the other’s eyes—we were able to reach another level of respect and understanding for each other’s behaviors/traits than we can say we were able to do prior to our time with Cheryl. We absolutely cannot imagine having skipped the Prepare program. Our time with the program & with Cheryl was an investment in our future together, one that we cherish & encourage all of our friends planning to embark on the awesome path of marriage to invest in as well!"   ~ Adam & Amy Hahn, 2010